Greetings, world! I am, to my surprise and considerable gratification, the pleased possessor of my very own website. This means I can communicate with you, my (hopefully) interested followers, my (gratefully) acknowledged readers, and fill you in with a bit of backstory, publication news, life story (heavily edited) and thoughts on my strange and solitary profession.


Let me bring you up to date.

As I mentioned a while back, a good surprise had occurred – something I had almost forgotten. As part of my study and work on my book WE SPEAK NO TREASON I was contacted by Richard Sandland, Music Coordinator of The Royal Shakespeare Company who advised they would be giving a concert on 24 January, 2010, in the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford on Avon where they would be performing Edward Watson's Song Cycle Middleham Poems.


These are the poems I wrote and which Ted Watson, the celebrated songwriter, set to music. They deal with a small corner in the life of my hero King Richard III. They are, of course, set in North Yorkshire at his castle of Middleham (now a ruin) where he was happiest as a young man before being persuaded to take up the reins of state. Ted Watson had illustrated the various moods of these poems exquisitely, and I was so pleased that they would be made public, I believe for the first time. 

Well, the concert went very well, and Ted reported that he was very pleased with how the songs came out.  They were well received and everyone he spoke to loved the poems.  The preface was spoken in full by two of The Royal Shakespeare Company actors, Forbes Masson and Katy Stephens, in front of an audience of 283 at the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford.  The singer was renowned tenor Daniel Norman, and the pianist was the very talented Bruce O'Neil. 


 My short story MORE IN SORROW dedicated to John Kaiine was published in LACE AND BLADE 2 edited by Deborah J. Ross and published Valentine's Day 2009.  Look for another of my stories in LACE AND BLADE 3 next Valentine's Day 2011! 


Also, a short story on which I collaborated with Tanith Lee, BETWEEN OURSELVES, appears in H.P. Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror #5 at  It is now available as a free pdf download.  Just go to, issue #5 of H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror.  You're sure to enjoy it!


 Finally, my latest and greatest news!  My prized first venture into fantasy, THE CAPTAIN'S WITCH at dedicated to Tanith Lee has been expanded and brought back into publication in hard cover and trade paperback by Norilana Books with a November 1, 2009 publication date!  As I’m an historical novelist, my natural bent is to create characters who show themselves through the politics, climate and happenings around them, that shape their destinies and in some cases, hurl them into very dark realms indeed. 


This is a new departure into another universe, an extraordinarily terrifying ground breaker, unique in its content.  A genre of love, fear and psychic power has been created and awaits you. I speak of the supernatural!


Everyone who has met her so far enjoyed THE CAPTAIN'S WITCH.  I (as will be obvious to readers) am in love with the Captain, a dashing (yes, I'm afraid, dashing) cavalry officer.  He is quick on his feet, skillful on horse, in bed and in battle, and the ambience in which he rampages and revels was suggested by some classic novels.  Anyone remember the books of Anthony Hope?  THE PRISONER OF ZENDA?   RUPERT OF HENTZAU?  thrillingly brought to the silver screen by Errol Flynn, James Mason, Basil Rathbone? - these can be sometimes caught on daytime TV.  It wasn't so much the swashbuckling (although it must be said my swashes are comprehensively buckled) as the court, the country, the regiment stocked with gorgeous uniforms, the luscious ladies and the customs so colourfully portrayed.  Ruritania!  a mythical country very real, very dear to me and so powerful it even became the setting for the stage musicals of Ivor Novello in the thirties and forties.  (Ask your granny).  Doesn't ring any bells?  Never mind.  Just take it from me that Taratamia (the Opal Kingdom) and Karenia (the Pearl Realm) are places of enchantment which I've visited many times in dreams and my sole pleasure now will be to share these dreams with you.  Be warned though - there are nightmares too - it will be a licking of honey off thorns.  Young men, take extra care!


"Masquerading as human, Queen Malkar of Karenia preserves her youth by drawing out the souls of her subjects. When a captain of the rival kingdom enters Malkar's lands on a diplomatic mission, a series of events topples thrones and causes death as well as love in both lands. An accomplished and award-winning author of historical fiction (We Speak No Treason), Jarman infuses her first fantasy with period detail, drawing from the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the 1800s for atmosphere while building strong, passionate characters. VERDICT Reminiscent of works by Tanith Lee and Storm Constantine in its emphasis on sensual details and exotic eroticism, this tale of love, revolution, and magic also sparkles with often unexpected touches of humor. A good choice for mature fantasy readers."

The Library Journal


 Look for more reviews and information on THE CAPTAIN'S WITCH on its own web page on this site...